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Good towels usually feel soft, but do the softest towels make the best towels? In this article we will suggest more about what makes a quality towel and what to look for:

The methods manufacturers use to soften towels:

Some of the methods for softening towels are chemical, whereas others are mechanical. Treating towels with chemicals will always risk damage to the fibers within the towel, and it can also endanger the health of the end-user. Mechanical means can often be better for softening a towel, but this can also disrupt the microstructure of the fibers, which can affect the overall durability.

If you've ever had soft towels that didn't last or that carried a funny smell, there's a good chance that they were treated in one of these two formats.

Brand-new, natural towels are never the softest:

Choosing the softness that works for you comes down to personal preference. Knowing what type of softness you should be looking for, comes down to what you would consider as a need. What many experts in the textile industry would suggest is that it is wise to find a towel that falls somewhere in the middle. A towel that has a firm construction and a soft texture at the same time can achieve its delicate nature at the right time while also giving you the most extended lifespan for its use.

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