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Certain species of cotton are suited better for towel manufacturing than others. One of the best-recognized forms of cotton for towel construction is Turkish cotton.

Turkish cotton can have a series of advantages, including longer fibers for construction, a weave that holds onto fresh scents far better. Other forms of cotton perform well, but the threads available in Turkish cotton have a grade that is shown to perform better than other sources.

A number of manufacturers claim that their products are made of Turkish cotton, but this does not always mean that they are the best. The name Turkish cotton does imply that the quality of the cotton has some verified improvements over general cotton.

For most towels to be labeled as Turkish cotton, the nature of the weave also needs to be massively upgraded. The right weaving technology and manufacturer can utilize the raw material and make sure that they are highly selective with the type of cotton that they use in the weave. By ensuring that only the most exceptional quality of cotton is selected, the manufacturer can make sure that all unwanted material is left out for a product with the best lifespan.

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