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If you are in need of bath towels for your home, you may be wondering more about the easiest way that you can get a better quality towel like an experienced shopper. The next time that you go to pick out brand-new towels, here are some tips that you can use to make sure you are getting one that is a quality construction.


A towel is what it is made of. While various of chemical fibers are introduced to replace cotton, 100% cotton products are still believed and proven to be the best choices. When it comes to cotton,  Egyptian cotton is considered to be one of the best cottons for its long and robust fibre.

Fibre count:

The number of fibers that go into the construction of your towel can be quite important. Rule of thumb: the bigger the number, the softer. The number of fibers commonly seen on the market are 16, 24 and 32. A towel that is  100% cotton with 32 fibre count is usually considered to be one of the softest on the market.


A number of manufacturing techniques can actually improve the strength of a towel. Using combined cotton will remove some of the short fibers and improve the softness of the towel. Ring spun cotton is an option that can make a towel much stronger and smoother. A  twist style yarn can often be one of the most durable towels on the market. There’s also micro cottons that can improve the absorbency of a towel. Learn more about the type of cotton and the weave of the towel from the manufacturing notes.

Towel weight:

During an inspection of the towel check the weight. Some of the best towels are around 500 to  700 g/m². These are some of the heaviest and most absorbent towels on the market.

Check for signs of wear:

If the towel is turning to show signs of wear or fraying fabrics in the store, this is usually a poor sign of craftsmanship. Make sure that the towel has been properly stored and that it isn’t showing any advance signs of wear.

Personal preference:

You may also consider the texture, size and color for your personal needs. Make sure that you end up with great towels that are pleasing to look at and use daily.

We are here to help:

Choosing the right towel can be time-consuming. We get it and have done the ground work to make your life easier. Our  signature towel is hand-picked by our product team after spending hundreds of hours comparing thousands of samples from around the world. We use the highest standards, including the ones listed above, as well as other considerations, such as quality consistency and price, to decide the final winner. Plus, we are on sale at a jaw-dropping low price during the pre-order period - don't miss out!

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